Sgt. Snyder promoted to Deputy Chief and Sgt. D. Shepard promoted to Lieutenant.

May 1, 2018

Location: Manor House

Sgt. Snyder was promoted to the position as Deputy Chief of Police of Eastampton Township Police Department and Sgt. Dennis Shepard was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Said Chief Iacovitti, "I came into office as Chief of Police almost a year ago to this day, and to have a vision come to fruition is tremendous as each of these men have earned their respective promotions. To establish a command staff of well respected men such as DC Snyder and Lt. Shepard I know that they will continue to keep up their hard work in providing only the best to the residents of Eastampton."

D.C. Snyder is the first ever police officer to achieve rank of Deputy Chief within our police department. Accompanied by his family to hold the bible during his oath, Chief Iacovitti spoke of the tremendous sacrifices one makes for his family and career and how it is not possible without great support at home as well as in your department and his family is an example of that. Continuing on from that DC Snyder has been a reliable asset to our department and without a doubt will proceed to be just that.

Lt. Shepard was spoken very highly of as a person whom has matured greatly both as an officer and as a person. He has been a model of consistency and a staple within this community, a true example of a great police officer.

Congratulations to both D.C. Snyder and Lt. Shepard on your promotions and thank you for your continued dedication and service to ETPD!

Ptl. Maerten named 2017 Officer of the Year.

March 1, 2018

Location: ETPD

Eastampton Township Police Department would like to take this time to congratulate our 2017 Officer of the Year - Richard Maerten! Ptl. Maerten began his law enforcement career with Burlington City as a Class I and Class II Officer having graduated from the Gloucester County Police Academy. From there Ptl. Maerten accepted a full time position with ETPD in 2016 having since been named the Animal Control Officer and was bestowed the duties as an Officer In Charge for the year of 2017. Ptl. Maerten's impact within the department is well known as he has displayed a strong work ethic and has proven himself to step up in a supervisory role. Congratulations again Ptl. Maerten!