This page is designed to allow the visitor to receive basic information regarding each bureau or unit within the Police Department.  Further, by clicking on the sub-title of each section will connect you to a more in depth narrative of the bureau. 

The Administrative Bureau of the Eastampton Township Police Department consists of all civilian employees employed by the department and incorporates the Office of the Chief of Police.  This bureau is responsible for a majority of the clerical work performed by the department and supports the duties of all other bureaus in the department. 

Community Policing
The Eastampton Township Police Department is highly service oriented law enforcement agency.  Through our Community Policing Unit, we are involved in and provide for the following programs:  Child ID Program, D.A.R.E., Adopt-A-Cop, Neighborhood Watch, Operation Identification, follow-up contacts with victim's of property crimes, educational presentations, and Site Security Surveys.

Detective Bureau
The Detective Bureau is the primary unit of the Eastampton Township Police Department that is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations.  The detective bureau is available Monday through Friday at Police Headquarters between 9 AM and 5 PM (excluding holidays).  Please click on the above link to send the Detectives a message via our on-line T.I.P.S. page.

This is the largest Bureau of the Police Department and encompasses some of the other bureaus or units listed on this page.  Officers assigned to Patrol are the front line law enforcement officer's in the township.  They respond to all calls for service, provide initial investigation assistance, are all certified in basic CPR with EMT-D (defibrillator) certifications, and perform all of the essential functions of the police department.

Traffic Unit
The Eastampton Township Police Department's Traffic Unit is actually a secondary unit within the Patrol Division.  It is designed to apply its influence and efforts in all aspects of Highway Safety.  Please click on the Traffic Unit Link to find out what its' responsibilities are and the services that it provides to the residents of Eastampton Township.